Retail Shops & Restaurants in Burlington, MA

A Community of Restaurants, Cafes, and Shops

High-quality foodservice and retail experiences have always been ingrained within Burlington’s economy and culture. With residents and commuters consistently traveling in and out of town, Burlington’s hospitality and retail locations have thrived, cultivating a local community of loyal customers through quality dining, shopping, and other hospitality-based experiences.

Burlington, Massachusetts

Burlington’s commitment to developing ambitious commercial properties allows creative local businesses, alongside national chain locations, to meet and grow beyond expectations. Our town planning board dedicates itself to helping new, relocating, or expanding shops and restaurants develop properties, including finding the perfect sites, and receiving the proper permitting, nurturing success.

Currently, hospitality and retail locations employ over 8,000 workers, making up 34% of the Burlington area’s overall workforce. Local cafes, restaurants, shops, and chains as large as the Mall of Burlington from Simon Malls have created creative and safe spaces where residents and commuters can work, socialize, dine, and shop as a community.

Primark inside the Burlington Mall in Burlington, Massachusetts

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