Workforce & Location Advantages

The town of Burlington and its people represent a collection of minds from diverse backgrounds, education, and professional experience. Our town takes tremendous pride in its inherently collaborative nature as innovative individuals, workforces, and organizations across numerous industries work here, live here, and even collaborate, creating an enormous impact on the world around us.

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The 700 District in Burlington, Massachusetts

Taxes & Incentives

A welcoming place for businesses large and small, Burlington offers numerous tax incentives, making our town a desirable location for new and established organizations alike. With commercial tax rates below the surrounding areas average, Burlington presents the opportunity for companies across diverse industries to thrive and evolve, performing their daily operations while working towards significant overall growth, innovation, and success.

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Northeastern University in Burlington, Massachusetts

Northeastern Innovation Campus at Burlington

Burlington, MA, is home to Northeastern University’s Innovation Campus. Here, groundbreaking research and development teams and businesses are invited to partner with the university and granted access to research laboratories, joint project management, and customized training and educational programs, to name a few.

By granting unprecedented access to state-of-the-art research and development laboratories and equipment, teams have made incredible strides such as nanoscale 3D printing, orchestrating drone swarms, and even mimicking the squid’s camouflage capabilities.

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Expedited Permitting

Through expedited permitting, we encourage commercial enterprises, businesses, and start-ups, from additive manufacturers to life science laboratories, to take advantage of Burlington’s prime commercial space for renovation or new construction opportunities.

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Bio Readiness

Burlington, MA, has received a platinum rating from MassBio in commercial Bio Readiness, meaning that our town has dramatically eased the pathway for new construction or renovation of biotech laboratories, research centers, or manufacturers, fostering our biotech community.

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Zoning Laws

Zoning Laws in Burlington, MA, are specifically set up and implemented to nurture the growth of our most popular and innovative industries. If you, your business, or your organization comes to Burlington pursuing groundbreaking work in life science, additive manufacturing, technology development, and more, we want to make that pathway accessible to you.

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