Pressed Cafe

April 28, 2021

In 2007, Pressed Cafe opened its doors for the first time in Burlington, MA. Having expanded from Southern New Hampshire, Burlington presented a tremendous opportunity for the cafe to grow and establish itself in Massachusetts. Pressed Cafe’s menu and services focus on quick service dining without sacrificing food quality and nutritional value, allowing customers to order delicious food items made from exceptional ingredients. For example, a short-rib sandwich, made with ribs that have braised for 3-6 hours is delivered to your table in 3-6 minutes, making it an excellent lunch choice for local workers and residents.

The exterior of Pressed Cafe in Burlington, Massachusetts

Pressed Cafe obtained the correct permits with helpful and friendly support from the town’s planning board, paving a simple pathway to their opening day. Together with the Town of Burlington, National Development, a Boston-based development firm, constructed a home for Pressed Cafe within a multi-business plaza nestled between the Burlington Mall and Lahey Hospital. This location has helped Pressed Cafe build a loyal customer base and community of lunch-time workers, shoppers, and hospital staff.

  • Pressed Cafe filled a void in Burlington, allowing customers to get a fresh and healthy meal quickly.
  • Having a home in Burlington has helped Pressed Cafe gain exposure in Massachusetts, further developing its business’s brand and expansion.
  • The cafe utilizes resources from the local community, such as area printing shops for signage and paper products and local vendors for food supplies and ingredients.

Feed The Heroes: Supporting Lahey Workers During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the nation hard. And, for medical professionals, that struggle was even more challenging as they scrambled to combat the virus round the clock. With its proximity to Lahey Hospital, Pressed Cafe realized that it was positioned to support the hospital staff, and they did just that.

Pressed Cafe’s “Feed The Heroes” program allowed anyone to sponsor a meal that would then be safely packaged and delivered to the hospital’s COVID floor, Emergency Department, or a specific doctor, nurse, or staff member working tirelessly at the hospital. Pressed Cafe also donated many of their incredible sandwich platters, desserts, and other meal pieces to the hospitals to show their support, showcasing the true tight-knit community that Burlington is.

An employee of Pressed Cafe assembling a dish for a customer