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The Perfect Blend of Innovative Industries, Comfortable Living, Peaceful Recreation

Over 100,000 people come to Burlington, MA, to work, live and play. With its proximity to Route 128 and convenient highway connections to Boston, Cambridge, Lowell, and Nashua, NH, alongside Logan Airport and Hanscom Air Force Base, Burlington, MA represents a gateway not only to Massachusetts but to all of New England. We’re proud to say that over 2,600 successful businesses employ approximately 40,000 people in Burlington – the largest industry sectors being retail, information, and health sciences. Making our town not only a fantastic place to live but also a lucrative place to work and collaborate with a talented pool of innovators.

The benefits don’t end at commuter convenience though, Burlington is home to plenty of excellent local restaurants, coffee shops, shopping, and recreation. With over 250-acres of green space, including parks, biking, and walking trails to explore, our town provides citizens and workers with essential and peaceful green environments to take a breath and relax within, increasing the overall quality of life.

Monuments and flags in Burlington Town Common in Burlington, Massachusetts


From humble beginnings, as an area almost entirely comprised of agriculture in 1641, Burlington, MA, was officially incorporated on February 28, 1799. Burlington’s agricultural roots would dominate the town’s economy until the 1950s when Route 128 was built, ushering in a rapid commerce expansion. Within 10 years, from 1955 to 1965, Burlington became the fastest growing town in the state, becoming the economic hub that we know today. Now, Burlington is home to an incredible talent pool of educated workers, from innovative technology engineers to state-of-the-art manufacturers and even groundbreaking life scientists and healthcare professionals.

  • First settled by colonial New Englanders in 1641, Burlington is commonly believed to be named after the English town of Bridlington, although this has never been confirmed. Early colonial homesteads, such as the Francis Wyman House, still stand today.

  • After its incorporation in 1799, Burlington continued its roots in agriculture. In fact, while the town has evolved into a significant suburban commerce center, you may be surprised to know that until 1955, farmland dominated the town’s landscape.

  • The completion of Route 128 pushed the town into rapid industrial and economic expansion. From 1955 to 1965, Burlington became the fastest growing town in Massachusetts, tripling its population, including a surge of residential and commercial property development.

  • Today, global companies, such as MilliporeSigma, Keurig Dr. Pepper, and Avid Technologies share space with unique local businesses, such as Pressed Cafe, creating an ambitious hub of commerce and innovation, offering ample opportunities within diverse industries.


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