Expedited Permitting, Bio Readiness, Zoning Laws in Burlington, MA

Burlington sign in Burlington town square Burlington, Massachusetts

Expedited Permitting

Burlington works with development teams to provide opportunities for expedited permitting of promising organizations and development projects that seek to impact the economy, environment, and community positively. We know time is money when advancing a project. In order to facilitate the permitting process in Burlington we have organized a weekly Development Coordination Meeting (“DCM”) that brings together the permitting departments to improve coordination and speed communication. The permitting staff also works closely with organizations and development projects to offer feedback on proposals and flag issues of concern, facilitating transparent communication between departments and projects.

DCM is held on Tuesdays at 9:30am with representatives from Engineering, Fire, Police, Health, Planning, Economic Development, Conservation and Building. Contact Brady Caldwell, at the link below, to schedule time for your project or concept for feedback from these groups.

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Mill Pond Reservoir and Conservation Area in Burlington, Massachusetts

Burlington is BioReady Platinum – the Premier league of bio readiness

From biotech-zoned science parks to expedited permitting, robust infrastructure, and pre-permitted biotech sites, Burlington has it all for companies looking to relocate.

MassBio, the life sciences industry organization, has developed BioReady ratings for municipalities that have the appropriate zoning practices and infrastructure capacity. Burlington’s Platinum Bio Ready Rating signifies that our community has all the below:

  • Municipal water and sewer available in commercial and industrial areas.
  • Zoning allows for biotech laboratory and manufacturing uses by special permit.
  • Identified point of contact in town/city hall to assist biotech projects.
  • Municipality allows biotech laboratory and manufacturing uses by right.
  • Has identified buildings and/or land sites for biotechnology uses in municipal plans.
  • Municipality convenes site plan review meetings, bringing together all pertinent departments, to provide an overview of the local approvals process for significant commercial and industrial projects.
  • Has land sites and/or buildings included in MassEcon BioSites Inventory
  • Municipality has other sites or buildings pre-permitted for biotechnology laboratory or manufacturing use.
  • Municipality has existing buildings in which biotech laboratory or manufacturing activities are taking place.
  • Municipality’s Board of Health has adopted the National Institutes of Health guidelines on rDNA activity as part of its regulations.
  • Municipality includes a building or buildings that are already permitted for biotech uses and have 20,000 square feet or more of available space for biotech uses.
  • Municipality has a shovel-ready, pre-permitted land site with completed MEPA review and municipal water and sewer capacity to meet additional demand.
MassBio MassEcon BioSites Inventory

Zoning Laws

Zoning Bylaws are local rules patterned on Massachusetts state law, that regulate land use. Typical restrictions are on allowed uses, lot sizes, set backs, density and height. Burlington updates it zoning regularly to meet market preferences.

The town of Burlington’s comprehensive zoning laws are intentionally structured to safely nurture the growth and development of established and up-and-coming industries and their workforces throughout the area. By carefully balancing opportunities for geographical growth, expansion, and environmental safety, Burlington has paved accessible pathways for groundbreaking industries, such as life sciences, additive manufacturing, tech development, and many more, to grow their properties and pursue overall success.

Zoning Questions? Contact Us. Burlington Zoning ByLaw Burlington General By Laws MGL c.40A MGL c.40R