Burlington, MA Workforce & Location Advantages

Where The Nation's Top Talent
Goes To Work

It’s no secret; the Greater Boston area is home to the nation’s best and brightest. Innovative, talented minds, cutting-edge organizations, and the world’s best educational institutions call Massachusetts home. And, Burlington is right in the middle of it all.

Burlington and the surrounding areas make up the country’s top commerce, research and development, industrial, and educational hubs. A friendly, tight-knit community, town planning board support, and an accessible commute allow organizations to remain flexible and adaptable, offering the opportunity for highly advanced talent acquisition and retention in areas such as: Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Manufacturing & 3D Printing, Healthcare, Restaurant & Retail and Technology

Commuter Accessibility

Whether employees decide to reside within Burlington or commute from another location, they’re never too far, ensuring that your workforce has a simple, easy commute, allowing them to focus on what matters, their groundbreaking work. Route 128 and I-95 provide simple commutes for the entire Greater Boston area, plus Burlington is a 30-minute commute from Boston, Cambridge, and the New Hampshire border.

Map of Burlington and Boston, location advantages

A Robust Labor Force Within 45-Mins of Burlington

The metropolitan area of Boston-Cambridge-Nashua, MA-NH, which Burlington calls home, employs a labor force of over 2.6 million workers. These workers spread their expertise across a diverse range of labor forces, such as:

470k +

in healthcare

48k +

in life, physical, and social sciences

64k +

in architecture and engineering, including technology

176k +

in the restaurant industry

98k +

production occupations, such as line supervisors and machinists

The World’s Best Colleges, Right At Your Doorstep

From Harvard to MIT to Boston College and Boston University, the world’s top colleges, universities, and technical schools are right at your doorstep. Fresh, educated, and talented college graduates are waiting and ready to get started, performing groundbreaking research and developing world-changing solutions in manufacturing, biotechnology, and healthcare, to name only a few.

In 2019, Massachusetts universities awarded just under 143k degrees to undergraduate and graduate students, either furthering their education or entering the workforce.

Boston University:

11,988 degrees awarded.


9,504 degrees awarded.


2,385 degrees awarded.

When it comes to finding the nation’s top talent, the Greater Boston area is a limitless resource.