I’m Melisa Tintocalis, the head of the Economic Development Office, and I want to extend a warm welcome on behalf of the Town of Burlington, Massachusetts. Whether you’re a new, existing, or expanding business in Burlington, our office is here to support you.

Our primary goal is to assist local businesses and promote economic development that contributes to our community’s overall growth and well-being. We are dedicated to ensuring that your public dollars are used efficiently to foster prosperity and enhance the quality of life in town.

Please click through our website to understand better Burlington’s industries, the numerous amenities available, and the initiatives our Economic Development Office is currently working on to strengthen and engage our business community.

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Once again, welcome to the Town of Burlington, and we look forward to supporting your success.

Best regards,

Melisa Tintocalis
Director of Economic Development

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Melisa Tintocalis

Economic Development Director

Ellen Murphy

Economic Development Assistant

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FAQs About Burlington, MA

What is Burlington, MA known for?

In the 1970s and 80s Burlington was known for its high-tech industry. More recently, it has become known more for its life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. It is also known for the Burlington Mall, its Landlocked Forest, the Burlington Historical Museum, and the Burlington Sculpture Park.

What county is Burlington, MA in?

Located in the Greater Boston area of eastern Massachusetts, Burlington is a town in Middlesex County.

Does Burlington, MA have a downtown?

Yes. Downtown Burlington is home to several restaurants, salons, barber shops, stores, and more.

Is Burlington, MA close to Boston, MA?

Burlington is twelve miles northwest of Boston.

Does the T go to Burlington, MA?

No. There are no subway lines that go directly into Burlington.

Is Burlington, MA a town or a city?

Burlington is a town in the Greater Boston area.

How big is Burlington, MA?

Burlington is 11.9 square miles with a population of 26,377 people.