Additive Manufacturing in Burlington, MA

3D Printing The Future

While manufacturing has always been a prominent industry in New England, additive manufacturing and advanced 3d printing has found a home in Burlington. Applying additive manufacturing techniques and technology to traditional manufacturing processes has allowed organizations to craft products, devices, and parts that are lighter and stronger more efficiently than ever before.

Burlington’s proximity to major highways and manufacturing, commerce, and population hubs, such as Massachusetts’s capital, Boston, allows a diverse range of clientele, product needs, and local workforce from across the region. The town’s vast range of industrial sectors also presents the opportunity for additive manufacturing facilities to interact and collaborate with nearby businesses across various industries.

Additive manufacturing is an industry ripe for growth and advancement. And, Burlington is ready and prepared to help nurture that growth within our town. The town planning board is courteous, friendly, and willing to work with organizations throughout development, from early permitting stages through opening day and beyond. In Burlington, the additive manufacturing community has the ability to develop facilities and create innovative processes, growing alongside the manufacturing community.

Additive Manufacturing in Burlington, MA Companies that call Burlington Home