Healthcare and Medical Facilities in Burlington, MA

Groundbreaking Research & Dedicated Medical Care

Burlington’s healthcare professionals, businesses, and medical facilities are on the cutting edge of medical treatments and research daily. From hospitals to urgent care centers to physical therapy and home care services, Burlington is a welcoming place for medical professionals and organizations to conduct their practices and medical research, making a positive impact on many lives.

One of the most prominent medical facilities in the region, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, part of the Beth Israel Lahey Health network, calls Burlington home. Lahey hospital supports 335 inpatient hospital beds and serves 3,000 patients from across the region daily. The hospital practices over 50 different medical and surgical specialties and conducts over 300 scientific medical studies “at any given time” to discover innovative, cutting-edge medical treatments.

Over 3200 people work in Burlington and the surrounding area’s healthcare sector, making up 20% of the area’s total workforce. Burlington’s commitment to providing safe medical facility development sites through a dedicated town planning board creates an environment where healthcare organizations and professionals can focus on what matters most, changing lives.

Healthcare and Medical Facilities in Burlington, MA Companies that call Burlington Home