Burlington, MA Taxes & Incentives

Commercial Tax Rates

Burlington strives to implement commercial tax policies that allow and incentivize businesses to grow and pursue success within our town while providing the necessary financial support back into our community. We welcome businesses, large and small, to take advantage of commercial tax rates that typically average below towns in the surrounding area. This allows diverse, innovative, and ambitious businesses to thrive and succeed within our local economy and community.


Residential Tax Rate


Commercial Tax Rate

Tax Increment And District Increment Financial Agreements

When it comes to supporting local businesses, construction developments, and renovation projects, the town has substantial control over the Tax Increment Financial Agreement (TIF) and District Increment Financial Agreement (DIF) tax policies. Both of these policies are voted on and approved at the Town Meeting. 

The TIF offers tax breaks to developers, and the DIF channels tax dollars into targeted redevelopment districts. This money saved on taxes can help pay the project’s construction costs. Both of these agreements provide the opportunity for businesses and developers to redevelop areas of Burlington, leading to increased tax revenue, property values, and improved infrastructure for said area. This prompts financial incentives that benefit developers, the surrounding community, and the town’s overall economy.

Construction at the Burlington Mall in Burlington, Masschusetts