3 Incredible Innovation Centers in Burlington, MA

July 28, 2021

As a global technology, manufacturing, and life sciences hub, there is always an incredible array of innovative research and development in Burlington. With the most talented minds in the region across various industries gathering here, the town’s centralized location has allowed these minds to work, research, and develop together to create industry-changing products and services.

Today’s, let’s take a look at just a few of the many businesses, facilities, and educational centers encouraging cutting-edge research and development. And, we’ll also take a brief look at how the town of Burlington creates a welcoming, accessible environment for pioneers across many industries.

Northeastern University’s Innovation Campus at Burlington


A cutting-edge facility so innovative it has “innovation” in its name! The campus houses a 40,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility where diverse minds come together to conduct groundbreaking research and development projects. Building V stands as a massive space for students and industry innovators to learn, create, and explore together.

While the campus provides ample opportunities and space for students to work hands-on alongside experienced faculty members on various projects, the site also opens its doors to groups and professionals within various organizations and government agencies. The campus stands as a technical hub and playground for these minds to meet, network, and work on their projects with the tools, resources, and space necessary to push society forward.

Inside Innovation Campus - Drone Project
03/08/19 – BURLINGTON, MA. – Engineering graduate student Mithun Diddi flies a drone in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) facility at the George J. Kostas Research Institute (part of Northeastern’s Innovation Campus at Burlington) for Homeland Security in Burlington, Massachusetts on March 8, 2019 Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

The M Lab at Millipore Sigma

MilliporeSigma burlington

With support from the town of Burlington, Millipore Sigma was able to develop and construct their M Lab™ Collaboration Center, one of only nine globally. Described as an “Engineer Playground,” the facility houses the use and development of advanced technology, such as bioreactors and chromatography equipment to perform forward-thinking research and product development.

This also allows Millipore Sigma clients to visit the Burlington, MA, facility and essentially “test drive” various innovations and products on-site. As a global life science company, Burlington’s proximity to Boston and Logan Airport makes the facility easily accessible for its many customers and clientele.


3D Printing at Lightforce Orthodontics

3D printing has made incredible strides over the past few years. Burlington companies, such as Lightforce Orthodontics, have been at the forefront of utilizing innovative additive manufacturing methods to craft the world’s only fully customized 3D-printed bracket systems.

Picture of a 3D Printer

This innovative bracket design philosophy is only possible by allowing an executive team of orthodontists, engineers, and software developers to work together to develop the technology. In addition, 3D printing allows customers to receive a tailor-made product for them, a beneficial breakthrough in orthodontics.

The Burlington facility’s proximity to Lightforce’s corporate office in Cambridge also makes travel between the two locations convenient and simple for all stakeholders.

Burlington, MA Pushes Innovation Forward

It’s no surprise that the town of Burlington has become a major hub of innovation in the region and potentially across the world. But, this didn’t happen overnight or by accident. Burlington’s planning board and other local governmental agencies work with regional leaders in various industries, educational institutions, and real estate development to create zoning regulations and town planning initiatives to create the proper environment and infrastructure for innovative growth.

These planning efforts create an ecosystem that encourages growth, development, collaboration, and, of course, innovation across various industries. In addition, Burlington has been awarded a platinum rating in BioReadiness from MassBio, further speaking to the diligence of the town’s local government, business leaders, residents, and planning board.