Lightforce Orthodontics

May 7, 2021

In February 2021, Lightforce Orthodontics received unanimous approval to move forward with their 3D printing, additive manufacturing facility in Burlington, MA. With an executive team composed of orthodontists, biomechanical and hardware engineers, and software developers, Lightforce is known for developing and building advanced dental systems.

Their move to Burlington allows Lightforce to further tap into the world of 3D printing, which enables the company to recreate exact molds of an individual’s teeth. This allows Lifeforce to create fully customized 3D-printed bracket systems (the world’s first and only).

  • Burlington’s proximity to Lightforce’s corporate office in Cambridge allows accessible cross-company travel to both properties.
  • Through open communication and guidance, the Burlington planning board came to a unanimous decision that was both beneficial and for Lightforce and the community.

Burlington’s planning board dedicates itself to bringing ambitious, cutting-edge organizations into the Burlington community, and Lightforce is no exception. With high-quality, state-the-art products in development, Lightforce’s additive manufacturing facility is a welcome addition to the Burlington economy.