April 28, 2021

MilliporeSigma is a top-three global Life Science supplier of BioTech tools, equipment, and services. In 2017, MilliporeSigma opened its 350,000 square-foot Life Science Center in Burlington as a collaborative, multi-use space for more than 1,000 employees.

Interior of MilleporeSigma in Burlington, Massachusetts

Here, these employees work together to solve the toughest problems within the global science community. In labs worldwide, MilliporeSigma products, featuring their iconic bottles with red caps and blue filters, represent devices, buffers, reagents, and other chemicals that have helped generations of scientists advance their research.

  • The Town of Burlington’s support helped paved the way for MilliporeSigma’s Life Science Center and M Lab™ development, helping to develop an employee-friendly facility and global destination.
  • Many employees live in Burlington or the surrounding areas and the central New England location allows MilliporeSigma to also employ commuters from the southern New Hampshire and the South Shore of Massachusetts areas.
  • As a global name in Life Science Biotechnology, MilliporeSigma’s Burlington location allows convenient access to the major biotech clusters in Mass. and Logan Airport.

The M Lab™ Collaboration Center

Anchored to MilliporeSigma’s Life Science Center is their M Lab™ Collaboration Center, one of nine globally, a 14,500 square-foot facility, considered by MilliporeSigma to be their “Engineer Playground.” Here, MillporeSigma engineers are encouraged to use cutting-edge technology and equipment, such as bioreactors, filtration systems, and chromatography equipment, to craft innovative solutions for the industry’s most challenging problems. This facility also allows MilliporeSigma customers to visit and “test drive” many of the latest innovations, products, and services on-site.

The interior of MilliporeSigma in Burlington, Massachusetts