How Relocating to Burlington, MA Can Benefit Your Business

January 17, 2022

Business is constantly evolving and growing, especially in this day and age where digital technology and worldwide innovations are happening at a breathtaking rate. 

To keep developing advancements in the fields of medicine, technology, manufacturing, and more, today’s businesses have to prepare for steady growth to stay functional and competitive. Sometimes this may require organizations to relocate all or part of their operations to a new area to help guide steady or even rapid expansion.

Today, let’s explore why Burlington, Massachusetts, is a great place for local, national, and even global businesses to relocate to or open up new facilities.

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A Perfect Location For Both Commuters And Hybrid Staff

First, let’s address the pandemic-sized elephant in the room–covid-19. The covid-19 pandemic prompted a rise in remote and hybrid business operations to protect the health and safety of employees and their leaders.

Last year, we saw workers return to their facilities and offices in some capacity, with some organizations opting to switch hybrid operations. With proper safety protocols in place, we all hope to get back to business as usual.

But it is worth noting that Burlington represents the perfect location for hybrid and full-time commuting staff. By residing just a stone’s throw north of Boston, commuters and hybrid workers need not worry about sitting in traffic for hours on end, trying to fight their way into the city. 

And as Burlington is right off Rt. 128 and Rt. 95, most commutes are simple and easy to complete, so previously remote workers, especially those hired during the pandemic, won’t have to make major adjustments when required to come into the office.

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More Space And Support To Grow And Expand Facilities

Unlike Massachusetts’s densely populated metropolitan areas, Burlington is a suburban town with ample room for commercial developments. 

And with a town development board dedicated to helping innovative and growing organizations find a space suitable for them, including expedited permitting availability, Burlington offers plenty of expansion opportunities.

In addition, relocating businesses seeking to develop a facility suited for their specific needs or renovate a previously existing commercial property will find plenty of development initiatives and incentives to help guide projects. This extends to relocation organizations or businesses that seek to open an additional facility to accommodate new operations or growth.

For example, let’s take a quick look at Lightforce Orthodontics, a company that recreates exact molds of an individual’s teeth to develop the world’s first fully customized 3D bracket system. In 2021 Lightforce received unanimous approval to move forward with its new 3D printing facility

While the company’s main corporate office remained in Cambridge, MA, Lightforce was able to open their additive manufacturing facility in Burlington to ensure that they meet the demand for their innovative products.

Metropolitan Advantages In Tight-Knit Suburban Setting

It’s no secret that Massachusetts is a business hub for many industries, such as life science, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and many more, especially near the Boston-Cambridge area. When relocating your business from these dense areas, you may be worried about leaving behind the advantages that come with the big city business lifestyle.

But, worry not. With Boston and Cambridge only about 30-45 mins away, you’ll still have access to all the networking, partnerships, and other benefits that come with the area. When it comes to having out-of-town guests or partners, Logan International Airport and Manchester International Airport are right at Burlington’s doorstep.

Additionally, you’ll also tap into a vast workforce of over 2.6 million. And that’s not even taking into account the fresh talent coming out of the nation’s top educational institutions.