Vinebrook Technology

July 14, 2021

With roots deeply connected to the town itself, Vinebrook Technology represents everything Burlington offers for businesses in cutting-edge spaces, such as information technology. 

Founded by Burlington-born and raised locals Dan DiTucci and Chris Tedesco, the information technology company provides IT solutions and consulting services to large businesses, typically specializing in life sciences and pharmaceutical companies. The business also offers its services to companies across various industries.

Vinebrook Technology helps businesses in the northeast overcome IT challenges by working closely with their client’s current information technology team or establishing IT capabilities within new or growing companies. 

Woman works of data center

Positioned For Success

As a technology hub in Massachusetts, Burlington’s central location has positioned Vinebrook Technology for regional success. In addition, the flexibility of traveling to and from Burlington, whether into Boston or towards Western Massachusetts, has made the company’s many technical services accessible for a wide range of customers and clients.

The location also provides Vinebrook Technology with access to the best talent in New England. Aside from the nearby technology hubs, Burlington is only a short distance from many of the world’s best educational institutions. This enables Vinebrook Technology to hire the best-of-the-best, whether young or established. And, as a company powered by technology experts, Vinebrook’s Burlington location effectively boosts its own business capabilities.

This collection of industries and talented technical professionals also allows Vinebrook to hold and attend various business and networking events. These events happen with ease in Burlington, allowing industry professionals to meet and learn from one another.

Burlington Born And Raised

Both DiTucci and Tedesco have the unique perspective of viewing Burlington as business owners and residents. As a result, Burlington has provided excellent amenities and a wonderful, friendly environment for both residents and clients alike in both contexts.

The Vinebrook founders also praise the ease of holding meetings without having to ask clients or associates to fight through Boston rush-hour traffic, find parking, and pay for parking. Instead, the logistics are so simple that Dan and Chris barely ever have to leave town!

Planning And Zoning The Future

Burlington’s local planning, zoning, and real estate development efforts have created an ecosystem that nurtures businesses, creating excellent pathways for new, innovative companies to relocate their facilities to Burlington and for established companies to continue growing.

And, when new companies and industries move into town, such as life science laboratories, they attract more customers for local businesses, such as Vinebrook Technology, creating an incredible local ecosystem built on innovation, talent, and a better quality of life.