The Burlington Mall – Simon Property Group

April 28, 2021

The Burlington Mall, part of Simon Property Group, has become one of the most recognizable locations in Burlington, MA. First opening in 1968 as a one-level center comprised of the era’s top department stores, The Burlington Mall has grown into a multi-level shopping complex. Shoppers from across New England travel to the mall to shop, dine, and socialize across its diverse selection of retail stores, restaurants, quick food services, and more.

Michael Kors in the Burlington Mall in Burlington, Massachusetts

As the retail business continues to evolve and change, the Town of Burlington has supported the mall since it’s opening day. The Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce, Middlesex 3 Coalition, and other Burlington-based developers continue to work with and hold strong, transparent relationships with the Burlington Mall.

  • Currently, the Mall employs approximately 5,000 employees from across the region and right here in Burlington, MA.
  • The Mall’s proximity to major highways and large, affluent population center (for example, Boston), with strong daytime traffic from the office market, has helped fuel overall business.
  • Simon believes that over the 20-years, Burlington Mall will become one of the most desired retail and dining meccas across New England.

The Burlington Mall hasn’t only driven growth for itself but the local economy and community as well. The Mall area has become a commerce center, paving the way for local and retail businesses and developers to create exceptional shopping and dining experiences for residents, commuters, and visitors alike.

Yankee Candle in the Burlington Mall in Burlington, Massachusetts