May 7, 2021

In January 2021, SiPhox moved its medical device company to Burlington after realizing that it had outgrown its shared-space laboratory in Cambridge. The company’s mission to build a next-generation biosensing platform that provides the power of several large laboratory instruments within one handheld device found a stable home within the town.

An employee at SiPhox working in Burlington, Massachusetts

The company praises Burlington as an inviting, friendly, and supportive community that can facilitate large companies and commercial properties with ease without sacrificing the small-town feel, allowing every voice to be heard.

  • While the permitting process was thorough, SiPhox found that the planning board members were helpful and communicative, making the permitting process straightforward and manageable.
  • Most Siphox employees commute into Burlington from the Boston/Cambridge area, showcasing Burlington’s accessibility for out-of-town workers.
  • Burlington’s proximity to some of the nation’s top universities affords SiPhox access to the area’s most talented individuals when hiring.

Relocating the Burlington provided SiPhox with the space required to conduct its groundbreaking research and development while staying close to Boston and other prominent local biotech hubs in Massachusetts. While they have been working day and night to develop their newest technologies, SiPhox is confident in opportunities for inter-industry collaboration post the COVID-19 pandemic.

An employee from SiPhox holding up a product