Creating A Website For Local Economic Development

November 18, 2021

With everything that Burlington, Massachusetts, has to offer its vibrant community, friendly residents, and innovative businesses, it was essential to create a digital platform that authentically represented the town’s forward-thinking nature.

Through a collaboration between Burlington’s Economic Development Office and Sperling Interactive, was born.

Recently, Burlington Economic Director, Melisa Tintocalis, and Sperling Interactive Founder, Michael Sperling, sat with BCAT TV to discuss how came to be and how the website is positioned to encourage positive economic growth in the town’s future.


A Place To Live, Work, And Play

While the official town of Burlington website is an incredible resource for Burlington residents, it doesn’t quite showcase the full spectrum of what the town offers those living and working here.

“What we wanted to do,” explained Sperling, “was be able to market Burlington as a great business community for all sorts of different businesses.”

These diverse businesses and industries include everything from local shops, cafes, national retail stores, and recreational activities to global information technology companies, additive manufacturing facilities, life science laboratories, and more.

“Attracting businesses,” Sperling continued, “especially large businesses of Burlington creates a lot of opportunity for the smaller businesses as well.” highlights how these industries work and find success side-by-side in a supportive interconnected business community that fuels economic growth and advancement. 

“That’s harder information to find,” said Tintocalis. “That’s what we’re doing with this website. We’re really showcasing the neat industries that we have, the innovation that comes out of it, as well as promoting the benefits of living here as a resident.”

Boston’s Best Neighbor

The website also celebrates Burlington’s accessible, centralized location only a stone’s throw away from major metropolitan areas, business and technology hubs, and the world’s finest educational institutions. As a result, those living in Burlington can enjoy a quiet lifestyle without sacrificing the benefits of living in the big city.

“There’s a section on the site talking about living in Burlington,” said Sperling, “and what it’s like to live in Burlington. It’s important to us to be able to communicate that it is a great place to live as well. So if you are going to relocate here, you may also want to also think about relocating yourself here, or your employees may want to think about relocating here.” brings together everything that makes our town an incredible place to live, work, or visit. Here, we can spread this message so that people and businesses around New England, the United States, and even the world can explore everything that makes Burlington great.

“We’ve talked to a lot of people, and we think Burlington is Boston’s best neighbor.” Tintocalis concluded, “So we really want to share that with people outside of the Boston area. We think Burlington is a great place to be.”