Community Spotlight – Goldfish Swim School in Burlington 

August 22, 2023

Living in New England means spending summers at the seashore cooling off in the ocean or a local pool. As a parent, it’s important to ensure that everyone in your family can enjoy these water-based activities safely by learning to swim in a fun and engaging environment. That’s where Goldfish Swim School in Burlington, Massachusetts comes in. 

Goldfish Swim School, located at 10 B Street in Burlington, lives by the motto of learning through play. They call their philosophy the Science of SwimPlay®.

One step inside the swim school and you’ll notice the difference including the bright welcoming environment, the child-friendly equipment, and the shiver-free pool set to 90 degrees. You’ll see children from age four months to twelve years of age learning how to swim playfully and safely. 

Goldfish Swim

The Goldfish Swim School Backstory

Goldfish Swim School is not your typical swim lesson at the local pool. Not only are the team members rich with training and knowledge on the safety of swimming but they know how to make it fun. 

This style of teaching and having fun while learning comes from Goldfish Swim School Co-Founders, Chris and Jenny McCuiston. In their experience in sports and swimming in particular, they realized the huge need for quality swimming instruction. They traveled the country to learn about swim schools and together developed the strategy that Goldfish Swim School still uses today. 

The owners of the Burlington Goldfish Swim School, Pete and Sarah Kepic, are parents to two boys and dear friends of the McCuistons. They share in the commitment to water safety and were so excited about the opportunity to bring the swim school to the Massachusetts region. 

What began in 2006 as the initial Goldfish Swim School in Michigan, has spread across the country to 34 states, 150 schools, and 100,000 students learning to swim per week! 

Goldfish Swim

Goldfish Swim School Programs 

While the children are focused on the fun of learning to swim, the lifeguards, swim teachers and the Goldfish Swim School team as a whole are committed to the mission of safety. Sadly, drowning is the leading cause of death for children ages 1-5. It’s a statistic that Goldfish Swim School hopes to change. Each week, they incorporate water safety into their swim lessons and have dedicated weeks where they only focus on water safety. 

Safety may be priority number one, but the Goldfish team also knows how to make learning enjoyable with small classes, award ribbons, enrichment toys, and a monthly celebration! 

Swim lessons can start as early as four months old where parents are encouraged to bond with their infant while splashing around and learning about water safety. As the child grows and their skills improve in the water they can advance through lessons from beginner to intermediate to advanced. There is even a swim team for swimmers between the ages of 5-12 who want to learn the four main swim strokes. This is a chance for students to sharpen their swimming skills and get a feel for the competitive sport of swimming. 

Goldfish Swim

Special Programs 

In addition to the comprehensive swim lessons, Goldfish Swim School offers a few special programs that set them apart. Some of the special programs include birthday parties, Family Swim, water safety classes, and Jump Start Clinics. 

Jump Start Clinics are a great chance for young swimmers to learn critical skills in a concentrated period of time such as right before a water-centric vacation or a big pool party to hone those swimming skills. Jump Start Clinics are traditionally held over school vacations and during the summer vacation. They are a great way to get your child ready in a hurry for swimming safety. 

Water safety classes are interwoven into swim lessons and are also held at periodic times throughout the month and year to give a reminder to the families and swimmers about the importance of swimming safety. This FREE program is offered for schools, churches, daycares, and libraries all over town to anyone that is interested.

Birthday parties at Goldfish Swim are the best! Not only does the birthday boy or girl get a chance to swim with their closest friends but there is a dedicated birthday room where they can enjoy some cake and ice cream as well. 

Family Swim time is a chance for families to come together and enjoy the pool as a group. Kids can practice and show off their latest skills and parents get a chance to spend some time together with their little ones. 

Goldfish Swim

How Burlington Plays A Role

In a recent interview with Mike Cote, the Regional Manager of Goldfish Swim School in Burlington, he noted how pivotal Burlington has been in their success.

“The Burlington community has been instrumental in our success. Families welcomed us when we first opened and continue to support us today. They share in our mission of water safety. Since we opened in 2016, more than 10,000 kids have joined us for lessons – we truly are impacting lives. And that is so important to us and why I love working for Goldfish Swim School.” 

Goldfish Swim School has been an integral part of the Burlington community for more than six years as they continually work with the Burlington Chamber of Commerce programs and are a source of swimming safety and knowledge for Burlington and the surrounding communities. 

If you haven’t had the opportunity to explore the programs and lessons at Goldfish Swim School, we encourage you to take full advantage of this wonderful business in Burlington, MA.