Community Forum on Mall Rd. & Middlesex Tpke. from November 2, 2021

December 3, 2021

The Town of Burlington, in concert with MassDevelopment, has engaged a consulting team to focus on the commercial areas of Burlington located most proximate to 128/Interstate 95: the Burlington@128 District. Charting a course for the future involves strategic engagement, input, and support from many stakeholders across a spectrum ranging from real estate developers to town residents.

A district plan at this point in time will help the Town establish the zoning and regulatory framework to shape future development in a way that is tailored to market realities and civic goals. District plans also communicate Town aspirations to property owners, real estate developers, businesses, and entrepreneurs interested in investing in the Town and growing the workforce. With a clear sense of private development potential, the Town can also advocate for and invest in public infrastructure, such as parks, streetscapes, transit, utilities, and environmental protection and restoration, among others.

A total of 85 people participated in the Community Forum via Zoom on November 2, 2021, in addition to ten members of the consultant team and Town staff. Below is a video recording of the meeting, plus additional resources to view and/or download.