Celebrating Black History Month in Burlington 

February 7, 2023

February is Black History Month when we honor the incredible contributions the Black community has made throughout U.S. history including civil rights leaders, artists, politicians, and inventors. 

Not only is it important to commemorate the contributions of the Black community and individuals on a national scale but to continue to raise awareness of the needs of this community closer to home as well. 

There are many ways to celebrate this month including donating to charities supporting anti-racism efforts but also learning about this critical history in our own neighborhoods. It is critical to support Black-owned businesses and understand the contributions of the Black community in our region. 

In this spirit, we are spotlighting two businesses in Burlington, Massachusetts – Burlington Expert Tailoring and Courtside Kicks.

Burlington Expert Tailoring

Burlington Expert Tailoring® is one of the most trusted tailors in the area and is a great provider of tailoring services in Massachusetts and throughout New England. Owner Mor Sene is a Master Tailor and can handle most requests for a variety of clothing including men’s and women’s suits, coats, trousers, pants, and much more. 

As a Master Tailor, Mor Sene was trained by a tailor in Paris, France as well as one in Boston, Massachusetts. Due to his cross-continental training, he is an expert in classic and contemporary styles with a thorough understanding of the distinct considerations of American, European, African, and Asian styles. 

For all alterations that need detail, speed, and value of fit, consider visiting Burlington Expert Tailoring or call Mor at  978-335-4416.  

Courtside Kicks 

Our second Black History spotlight is Courtside Kicks, located inside the Simon Malls at the Burlington Mall. 

Courtside Kicks is owned and operated by three Burlington friends, Spencer Reith, Kenan Wilson, and Danny Sullivan, who have known each other from elementary school through high school. 

Courtside Kicks is a true “American Dream” story for these three young men. Their passion for sneakers blossomed from a hobby into a full-fledged store in the Burlington Mall in 2021. 

What started as a passion for sneakers and a ‘buy, sell, trade’ operation has grown into a destination for luxury sneakers and streetwear. The friends turned co-workers, who initially started their storefront in the Burlington Mall during the pandemic have grown their dream and are now in the Burlington Mall, Natick Mall, and on Newbury Street.  

To follow their story and support their business check out this video featuring Courtside Kicks. 

Learn More About Burlington Black History 

It is so important to continue learning about important figures in Black history, especially those who impacted our great town of Burlington, Massachusetts. 

As a final note for Black History Month, let us share the life of Augusto Grace. 

Mr. Grace is an American lawyer and politician who represented the 23rd Middlesex District in the Massachusetts House of Representatives from 1987 to 1991 and the Burlington School Committee from 1977 to 1983. He played a significant role in the development of Burlington which we now know and love. We thank him and others like him for their dedication to this town and all that it has become over the years.