Butterfly Network Receives $5M Grant From The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

March 15, 2022

Grant Will provide 1,000 healthcare workers

in Sub-Saharan Africa with ButterflyiQ+

Burlington-based Butterfly Network has received a $5M grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation! This grant builds upon the partnership that Butterfly and the Gates Foundation have had in place since 2018. More importantly, this new grant and show of support will empower Butterfly to provide 1,000 mid-level healthcare workers in Sub-Saharan Africa with ButterflyiQ+, to deliver care in some of the most remote settings, to patients in need.

Complications of pregnancy represent some of the largest contributors of morbidity and mortality in resource constrained care settings. Through this grant Butterfly will work to alleviate this by bringing 500 probes to mid-level practitioners in Kenya and 500 probes to healthcare workers in South Africa. These implementations are about empowering care teamsserving those in need, and saving lives. This important work will enhance care for women and their unborn children, and will have a profound impact on their communities and on society at large. Butterfly Network is proud to be advancing maternal and fetal health, and doing so in the largest ever deployment of ultrasound in a low-to-middle-income country context.

This is an exciting update – one that will accelerate Butterfly’s vision that all people, everywhere, get the right care, driven by the right clinical decisions at the right time, and one that will reinforce Butterfly Network’s commitment to global health equity.

See the full press release: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220309005216/en/Butterfly-Network-Receives-5M-Grant-to-Advance-Maternal-and-Fetal-Health