Burlington Business Spotlight – Viet Citron 

July 24, 2023

Join us in warmly welcoming Viet Citron to the Burlington business community. \

Viet Citron, a family-owned authentic Vietnamese restaurant opened in March 2020 just two weeks before the pandemic shut the country down. Owner Tran Ngoc did not let this derail her lifelong dream of opening an elevated authentic Vietnamese restaurant. Instead, she forged ahead and adjusted her business model to account for curbside pickups, takeouts, and catering options. 

Located at 47 Middlesex Turnpike in Burlington, Massachusetts, Viet Citron has become a destination for many looking for fresh Vietnamese dishes that embrace quality ingredients, a modern flair, and affordability. 

The combination of an Asian supermarket located nearby and Viet Citron has enabled Tran to draw customers from as far as Connecticut and New Hampshire making the restaurant a location destination on its own. Many customers come from far to stock up on many dishes to bring home to families looking for that authentic taste. 

Viet Citron

A Little Background on Owner Tran Ngoc

An architect by training, Tran Ngoc spent almost ten years designing million-dollar commercial structures and spending long days and nights at the office with very little home-life balance. 

After nearly a decade in the male-dominated architecture field, she decided it was time for a change that would give her more time with family and a balance between her career and family. When her husband decided to make the jump to Boston for work, she made the jump to Burlington since it is conveniently located close to Boston along major transportation routes. 

This career shift allowed Tran to tap into her passion for Vietnamese cuisine. Her desire to have work-life balance has translated into following hours of operation from 11 am – 7 pm which allows employees to enjoy some much-needed balance in their lives. 

What’s Popular at Viet Citron? 

In a recent interview, Tran explained her favorite dishes to prepare and the most popular ones according to her customers. 

By far, the most popular dish among her loyal customers is one of the specialty entrees – the Banh Hoi Bowl with Roasted Crispy Pork Belly. This dish comes with square rice noodles, lettuce, fresh herbs, cucumbers, pickles, scallion oil, ground peanuts, a side of chili garlic fish sauce, and a choice of protein. 

One of Tran’s favorite dishes to create for her customers is the Local Farm Chicken Pho. This dish includes local farm chicken, 24 hrs chicken bone broth, pho rice noodles, and a side of fresh herb veggies. 

What You Should Know About Viet Citron

Viet Citron offers fresh and authentic Vietnamese dishes for in-store dining, take-out, or catering. Big catering is very popular and has businesses coming back for more as customers discover their favorite dishes. 

The casual dining atmosphere is exactly the style that Tran wants. She is continually focused on the quality of the foods that are locally sourced and prepared fresh. This freshness and local sourcing has customers raving about the taste and quality of the specialty entrees. In addition to being committed to being fresh and authentic, Viet Citron has pledged to use sustainable products and source things locally as much as they can. 

In the coming years, Tran hopes to expand the restaurant to other locations in and around Boston. For the full menu and more insights into the delicious foods offered by Viet Citron, visit their website to order online, in person, or to dine in. 

Thank you to Viet Citron for choosing “Boston’s Best Neighbor” – Burlington – as their new home.