Burlington Business Spotlight – True North Coffee Cafe

November 15, 2023

Can’t start your day until you’ve had your cup of coffee? If you live in Burlington, Massachusetts or travel through it for work, True North Coffee Cafe should be your daily stop to get your caffeine fix and something delicious. True North isn’t just a coffee shop, but a community gathering place to meet up with friends, get some work done on your laptop, or just enjoy the warm and inviting environment. 

Join us this month as we celebrate True North Coffee Cafe as our business spotlight. Let’s explore all they have to offer as well as how they are making a positive impact on our Burlington community. 

A Little Background on True North Coffee Cafe

Under the skillful leadership of owner Paula Salvucci, True North Coffee Cafe on Cambridge Street in Burlington recently celebrated its 14th anniversary in business. Paula’s vision was not just to open a community coffee shop but to create a welcoming and inviting destination for people of all ages. This mission has come to fruition with the support of other Burlington businesses, residents of the surrounding communities, and programs like the Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce

If you’re wondering about the name True North, you are not alone. In a recent interview Paula, explained,“The idea of True North comes from the idea of following your inner compass and true self.” True North’s mission, besides selling delicious bakery, breakfast and lunch items, is to be true to the community and people who made her dream of opening a coffee shop a reality. 

Fan Favorites At True North 

When asked about fan favorites and popular items on the menu, Paula quickly jumped to the Sweet Heat Breakfast Sandwich which is among the list of popular items her customers rave about. The Sweet Heat sandwich comes on an everything bagel filled with crisp bacon, egg, pepper-jack cheese and aioli sauce with just enough kick to get your morning started. Hungry yet? 

Beyond the amazing breakfast and lunch sandwiches, True North also offers a wide range of flavored coffees including iced coffees, hot lattes, frozen beverages, kid-friendly freezes, and grab-and-go options to make your day just a little brighter. One unique thing about True North that you may not find at other coffee shops is the stellar customer service that strives to get your order right each and every time. The baristas work diligently to listen to what each customer wants and aim to deliver that order with a smile. 

Taste of Burlington Involvement in the Community 

True North prides itself on being an integral part of the Burlington community in the many ways it reaches out and donates to programs critical to the town. Recently, True North participated in the Taste of Burlington, the Beer Garden program in September, and the Belle of the Ball prom dress donation program along with many donations to school and community programs. 

Paula is committed to this community involvement as she credits the residents, Burlington programs and neighboring businesses for her success over the past 14 years. She remembers the early days when her shop was just starting and the handful of customers who helped spread the word of the cozy and warm atmosphere and how the business quickly took flight with the support of the Burlington community. 

Beer Garden at BurlingtonHow Burlington Plays A Role 

Burlington has played a key role in the success of True North not only as a business but as a comfortable place where people feel they can stop and relax in between events on their busy schedules. Being in the heart of Burlington on Cambridge Street has given the shop a chance to be a true part of the community whether it’s servicing commuters, business people who work in the plaza, or families that need a break between sports and after-school activities. 

The Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce was particularly helpful in the early years when questions abound and continue to be a source of connection and networking opportunities with other Burlington businesses. 

The welcoming attitude, support and encouragement of the community has Paula considering an expansion sometime in the future as she continues to watch her dream come true in True North. We congratulate True North for 14 years in Burlington and encourage all our readers to stop in and find out what everyone is raving about.