Burlington Business Spotlight – MPR Associates 

March 21, 2023

Join us in warmingly welcoming MPR Associates Inc. to Burlington, Massachusetts as one of our newest businesses and our spotlight this month. 

This employee-owned specialty engineering and project management company recently opened a new office at 25 Burlington Mall Road, Suite 107 after years of solely being located in Alexandria, Virginia. MPR is known for specialty projects in fields such as the energy industry, health and life sciences, and National Security for the federal government of the United States. As their Vice President Ryan P. Downs puts it “we do hard things that haven’t been done before.” 

Let’s take a closer look at this company and the role that Burlington will be able to play as it grows and expands its client base in the New England area. 

Inside MPR Associates 

In 1964, three seasoned engineers opened their first office near the White House in Washington, DC, with only a few desks, a coffee pot, and a secretary. Fast forward almost 60 years and the engineering firm has expanded to East Lyme, Connecticut, and now Burlington, Massachusetts. 

MPR’s engineering services include innovative product development, project execution, risk management, asset management, and reliability services. 

Over the past six decades, MPR has produced numerous “first-of-a-kind” proprietary solutions for its clients such as novel medical devices in the health and science fields as well as solutions for nuclear energy and nuclear-powered submarines for the federal government in the area of National Security.

The medical industry, in particular, has seen “first-of-its-kind” medical drug delivery systems thanks to the innovations at MPR. Additionally, MPR helped develop technology that streamlines tissue manipulation and robotic devices that can assist surgeons and improve surgical safety. 

MPR Associates Burlington

Burlington Becomes An Integral Location 

The addition of the office in Burlington, Massachusetts by MPR Associates represents the success of their growing team. Being located in Burlington puts MPR in the center of the robust health and science industry known worldwide in the Boston metro region. Some of the globe’s most advanced hospitals and research centers are within a short ride to the headquarters in Burlington. 

The benefits of setting up offices in Burlington became clear in a recent interview with Downs. In his estimation, Burlington was a great choice for not only its proximity to Boston and Cambridge and other scientific innovation hubs but that the region will assist in talent acquisition and accessibility to the best and brightest from New England schools. Burlington is an attractive area to encourage employment for their unique engineering consultation teams.

Finding skilled talent becomes that much easier when offices are headquartered in an area that is easily accessible by major highway routes, close to a major city and has the shopping, schools, and after-work lifestyle that many employees seek. 

With the addition of the new offices in Burlington also comes the new functions of offices that can cater to the health and life science industry as well as the energy industry such as collaborative and formal conference rooms as well as wet lab and cleanroom lab spaces integral to the innovations of the MPR engineering team. 

As MPR settles into the area, they hope to get to know the Burlington people and learn more about what the area offers for their team members. 

What started as a journey by a trio of engineers has expanded up the eastern coastline into the New England region. These engineers shared the belief and vision that rigorous technical skills can be applied to improve the world and create value for the business. We welcome them to Burlington! 

Thank you to MPR Associates for choosing “Boston’s Best Neighbor” – Burlington – as their new home.