5 Different Ways to Commute to Burlington

September 14, 2022

While Google Maps is the king, it can’t give you a full insight on the best ways to commute to and travel throughout a city. Sure, time and distance, but that’s about it. Below, we’ll discuss the different ways you can commute to and through Burlington, MA. 

1. Car

The good, old automobile. A classic mode of transportation. Who doesn’t love a drive with the windows down on a beautiful day? While gas prices don’t encourage a lot of driving lately, there are still incentives to owning one such as managing your schedule as you’d like. 

Many people commuting from Boston to Burlington will take a range of routes like Route 2 or 3. Some will take I-93 and I-95 sometimes as well. You can also use your google maps to determine your commute:

According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center: “Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources’ Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles (MOR-EV) Program offers residents, non-profits, and businesses rebates of up to $2,500 toward the purchase or lease of eligible all-electric and fuel cell electric vehicles and up to $1,500 for the purchase or lease of eligible plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.” 

In addition to the benefits of having an electric vehicle, Burlington has created over 30 charging stations. Some of these stations offer free parking for 3 hours, and the cost to charge is $0.20 per KWH. These spots are available on a first come, first serve basis in accordance with Burlington Use Policy and Guidelines


2. Carpooling

Depending on the length of your commute, you might be getting kind of tired of always driving alone. Sure, catching up on podcasts are great, but you’d love to socialize. Carpooling is a great option for those traveling to and from Burlington. Many businesses are aware of the positive impact carpooling and their HR departments may have or consider creating groups of employees who are interested. 

The other benefit is being able to use the High-Occupancy Vehicle lanes and almost literally fly past the gridlock you’d normally be stuck in. Oh, and best of all, you’re helping to save the environment by carpooling. Win-win. 

If your company doesn’t have a group created for carpooling, there are other options through apps like Bay State Commute, Uber Pool, or other online resources


3. Bus

A number of bus routes are available to get to Burlington and travel throughout the town. Of course, you’re probably most familiar with the MBTA. With a number of routes such as route 350, 351, and 354, you’ll be able to get to and from Boston and right to almost any area of Burlington. 

But there are also buses run by the Lowell Regional Transit Authority. You can even store your LRTA monthly passes on your CharlieCard so you won’t need to remember an extra card. 

Now for some companies, employees are able to take a free shuttle bus to Alewife or other locations in the Boston area. Is your business interested in creating a shuttle service? The Middlesex 3 TMA shuttle services can be a very cost effective way for businesses and employees. For more information on starting a shuttle for your business or to connect to an existing shuttle that’s on your route, you can send an email to info@middlesex3tma.org


4. Bike

Are you an avid biker? Or would you love to ride your bike more often especially through the beautiful weather? Riding your bike to work and traveling through Burlington is an amazing opportunity for exercise, to cut down your carbon emissions, and save on gas money. 

This September, you can also join the MassBike coalition and join their biking club. With friendly competition and ways to track your mileage, it’s a great way to meet fellow cyclists, and tips for new and seasoned riders.  


5. Ride Sharing

The Town of Burlington has invested in a number of ride sharing initiatives. “These ride sharing entities provide added convenience for seniors, disabled people, and income-eligible individuals ($63,000 or less for annual income qualifies) utilizing them with door-to-door service, as opposed to waiting at the bus stop and dealing with scheduled stops,” reports the Daily Times Chronicle.  These rides are subsidized and allow for people within those designated groups to get around Burlington with ease.