Why Burlington, MA Is A Great Place For Developing Industries

June 2, 2022

The world is always changing. It can seem like a new industry-changing innovation or a new industry itself pops up practically overnight. At this fast pace, it’s essential that businesses and facilities reside in a location that provides the space necessary to develop and grow.

From retail to life science laboratories, commercial properties need the local support of the community and town officials to ensure smooth operations. Luckily, in Burlington, we have both.

Space to grow, innovate, and expand

3 Van De Graaff Drive


Burlington’s geographical makeup and local support mean that the town provides businesses and other commercial properties with the necessary infrastructure to expand its operation. This allows companies, such as additive manufacturing facilities, to expand their business development, creating additional space (or even new buildings) for cutting-edge equipment, growing their workforce, and expanding capabilities – all working towards positive product output. 

For example, the developers of the world’s first 3D-printed custom bracket system, Lightforce Orthodontist, opened an additional additive manufacturing facility in Burlington, MA. This provided the company the space necessary to develop its products while keeping its headquarters and main offices nearby in Cambridge, MA.

Local support and a bustling community

An employee of Pressed Cafe assembling a dish for a customer

It’s tough to grow and operate without the proper local support. This comes from both the community and town officials and the planning board. Here in Burlington, we have dedicated ourselves to creating an environment suitable for developing industries in various fields. 

And this doesn’t only apply to large businesses in major industries. The town also supports its local shops, restaurants, and cafes. Below, you’ll find the pleasant development experience had by Pressed Cafe when developing their Burlington location:

“Pressed Cafe obtained the correct permits with helpful and friendly support from the town’s planning board, paving a simple pathway to their opening day. Together with the Town of Burlington, National Development, a Boston-based development firm, constructed a home for Pressed Cafe within a multi-business plaza nestled between the Burlington Mall and Lahey Hospital. This location has helped Pressed Cafe build a loyal customer base and community of lunch-time workers, shoppers, and hospital staff.”

A welcoming local community

Burlington has a friendly, tight-knit community that welcomes innovative companies and features a bustling center of commerce via shopping centers, local shops, restaurants, recreation, and plenty of other great things to do.  

NetBrain logo

Here is an excerpt from our spotlight on a local automation technology company, NetBrain:

“The tech company has also praised the town and community for its friendliness and the bustling local economy, especially when it comes to the high-quality local dining, providing a fantastic atmosphere for out-of-town or visiting clients. With proximity to the Burlington Mall, a walkable distance to many lunch spots, and employee membership discounts at local health and fitness centers, NetBrain is a company born and raised as part of the Burlington community with a business presence that reaches across the world.”

BioReady Platinum Rating from MassBio

In addition, Burlington has also received a BioReady Platinum Rating from MassBio – the highest rating possible. This means that Burlington’s developments and infrastructure are expertly designed to suit the needs of Life Science Laboratories. For more information, please see our prior article, “Exploring Burlington’s Platinum BioReady Rating.”