Top 5 Reasons Why Burlington Is a Great Place to Live

August 10, 2022

Sometimes we want it all. The perfect place, the perfect job, and the perfect balance of a quiet street and fun events just a few blocks away. It’s hard to find perfection. But what if I told you, the possibility exists in Burlington? 

Below are five reasons why Burlington is a great place to live. 

Close to Boston 

Burlington is only 13 miles from Boston. Close enough to drive in or take public transportation and catch a Red Sox game, see a famous play at the Wang Theater, or join in what everything Boston has to offer and then head home to the quiet of your neighborhood. Instead of the hustle and bustle of Boston, why not enjoy all the perks without any of the downsides like big city pollution and noise?

Cut Down the Commute

While 13 miles to and from Boston isn’t a bad commute compared to the many who drive twice as many miles to reach Boston each day, it is still appealing to cut the commute down to almost 5 minutes. As Burlington continues to grow in various industries and local businesses, the job opportunities are expanding as well. 

Working in Burlington opens up the opportunity to also live very close to work. Wouldn’t it be amazing to leave work and not have to fight the traffic? Or if you have kids, to be close by to pick them up from school with ease?

photo of the pocket park and the previous beer garden event

More than a Quiet Town

Boston Magazine named Burlington one of the “Hottest Suburbs” stating Burlington as having, “a robust offering of town activities thanks to a zealous Recreation Department.” 

Just because Burlington is smaller, that doesn’t mean it’s a cookie cutter version of suburbia. You can still have a great social life with a number of events, places to go, and experiences to have while living in Burlington. rated Burlington in the top 10 “Family Friendly Suburbs Where Parents Will Actually Want to Live.” With tons of community building events, movies on the common, and annual celebrations like the Celebrate Burlington carnival — this is a wonderful place for young professionals and growing families alike.

Economy and Industry is Growing

Speaking of growth, Burlington certainly is. As a growing hub of industry, it continues to expand. Vericel and The Broad Institute, two large companies who make huge strides in developing life-saving technologies will be opening in 2024. Vericel is moving from Kendall Square, while the Broad Institute is expanding its campus and will be located in both Kendall Square and Burlington. 

In addition to this, various educational institutions have made a home for themselves in Burlington, such as Northeastern University with their innovation campus. A 14-acre hub dedicated to innovative research and entrepreneurship.

How Burlington, MA Is Expanding Opportunities For Local Businesses

Local Business is Thriving

Along with giants of life sciences and education, local businesses have an opportunity to thrive in Burlington as well. 

Interested in opening a business in Burlington? Burlington works with development teams to provide opportunities for expedited permitting of promising organizations and development projects that seek to impact the economy, environment, and community positively.


Burlington is a great choice for both young professionals for a change of scenery and families looking to put down roots.While there are plenty of more reasons to move to Burlington, we hope we’ve made your decision a bit easier.