The Six Major Benefits of Coworking Spaces

July 25, 2022

Coworking spaces haven’t been around for very long. The first was created in San Francisco in 2005, and after a rocky start, the coworking concept took off

Now, coworking spaces have expanded across the country and even here in Burlington with four amazing options to choose from: Workbar, Office Evolution, The Centres, and Regus

Whether you need a space occasionally to meet with clients, or a designated desk, below are six reasons why a coworking space in Burlington is exactly what you need.


1. Work-life Balance

While some people working from home have no issues separating work from home life, it might not be so easy for others. Especially if the kitchen table is moonlighting as an office desk, it can be hard to not only clear your space, but also clear your mind. 

If you find that the job stress relieving tips aren’t quite working like they used to, it might be time to consider a co-working space to create some work-life balance and boundaries between work and your life. 

2. Cost Effective Membership

As a burgeoning entrepreneur, you might be ready to take the leap and sign a lease for an office space. While that’s amazing, not everyone feels ready or is financially secure enough to make such big moves. With a coworking space, you can shape your membership to be what you need.

If you’re only meeting clients or need a space away from home occasionally, you can sign up for a membership that offers you those options. But if you need an office space, a designated desk, or even full administrative support, those types of coworking spaces are also available (like at the Centres).

an overhead photo of a group of people coworking in a nice space

3. Networking Opportunities

From freelancers to business owners, networking is something we could all do more of, and coworking spaces offer a great opportunity to connect with others in the area that you may otherwise have never met. While networking can be a bit intimidating, you’ll already have something in common to kick off the conversation: being in beautiful Burlington. 

4. Flexibility

Along with cost effectiveness, you have the flexibility to adjust your membership. Also, some coworking spaces allow you to access their other facilities. So let’s say you are spending the day in Boston meeting clients, you can stop in at Workbar’s other location before continuing your work day at the Burlington location. The flexibility to determine your schedule and location is unmatched with coworking spaces.

5. Perfect for Clients 

Maybe the busy cafe isn’t the best place to meet an important client. Or maybe you want to bring clients into your home office, but something about your kid’s toys scattered across the carpet isn’t sending the message you want. Coworking spaces provide just the right amount of social interaction with your “coworking coworkers,” but also give you quiet areas in a visually professional and well-kept space that’s perfect for client meetings. 

6. Beautiful Burlington

This bustling city of tech and biomedicine is growing each and every day. With new businesses opening, there are so many opportunities to meet new people and explore everything Burlington has to offer. With a commute through either Route 128 or I-95 to and from the greater Boston area, the possibilities are endless and just one more reason for Burlington to be the perfect location to find your coworking space.