The Major Incentives of Moving Your Business to Burlington

September 28, 2022

Taking the first step to move your business can be daunting. Perhaps you’d like to pay less for your office space, or expand your business and customer base. While it is a big decision to move, coming to Burlington might be exactly what you need to succeed. 

Plenty of Commercial Properties

As a business grows, the office space might become too small to accommodate the newest members of the team. Why stay in a cramped space when professional, comfortable, and state-of-the-art locations are available in Burlington, MA? Located in the greater Boston area, these commercial properties have additional amenities such as fitness centers, onsite cafeterias, electric vehicle charging stations, and community gardens. Many of the commercial spaces to buy or rent are within walking distance to shops and restaurants. Not only could it be convenient for you, but also for your employees. 

Commercial Tax Rates

The Town of Burlington prioritizes and strives to implement commercial tax tax policies that allow and incentivize businesses to grow and pursue success within our town. While providing the necessary financial support, Burlington welcomes businesses with a commercial tax rate that is below average compared to towns in the surrounding area. 

When it comes to supporting local businesses, construction developments, and renovation projects, the town has substantial control over the Tax Increment Financial Agreement (TIF) and District Increment Financial Agreement (DIF) tax policies. Both of these policies are voted on and approved at the Town Meeting. 

Both the TIF and DIF agreements provide the opportunity for businesses and developers to redevelop areas of Burlington and create their vision all while benefiting from this forward-thinking town structure.

Expedited Permitting

Burlington understands that time is money and that’s why the Development Coordination Meeting (DCM) was created. Meeting weekly, the DCM will bring together permitting departments to make speed and coordination a priority. They will also work closely with organizations and provide feedback on development projects. 

The DCM is held on Tuesdays at 9:30am with representatives from Engineering, Fire, Police, Health, Planning, Economic Development, Conservation and Building. To schedule time for your project or concept for feedback, contact Brady Caldwell.

Zoning Laws

The town of Burlington’s comprehensive zoning laws are intentionally structured to safely nurture the growth and development of established and up-and-coming industries and their workforces throughout the area. 

By carefully balancing opportunities for geographical growth, expansion, and environmental safety, Burlington has paved accessible pathways for groundbreaking industries, such as life sciences, additive manufacturing, tech development, and many more, to grow their properties and pursue overall success.

With so many amazing opportunities and incentives to come to Burington, we hope you’ll consider bringing your business to our town.