Burlington Receives $30K to Build Online Presence for Travel & Tourism

April 11, 2023

Burlington, Massachusetts (April 1, 2023) – The Town of Burlington’s Economic Development Office received a $30,000 grant from the Massachusetts Office of Business Development (MOBD) to enhance the commercially focused website, “BringMeToBurlington.”   Enhancements include building out the travel and tourism section of the website with added information on Burlington’s hotels, restaurants and things to do.

“The goal is to showcase Burlington as a prime destination in Massachusetts and help boost overnight hotel stays to aid our hospitality sector’s post-pandemic recovery,” said Melisa Tintocalis, the Town’s Economic Development Director.  In Burlington, a significant amount of the municipality’s annual revenue comes from hotel stays and restaurants – nearly $2.7M.   “It is critical for us to promote the advantages of dining and staying in Burlington as it is a virtuous cycle; our efforts strive to increase local business activity and in turn, the sector’s success contributes to a high level of services in Town,” added Tintocalis.

The funding will allow the Town to enhance the hospitality online presence and convert new awareness into action with hotel bookings and consumer spending.  Outcomes include an increase in visits to the website and related tax revenue. Deliverables will include new content, videos, and new advertisements.

There are eight hotels in Burlington with over 1,000 rooms, which will benefit directly from this effort. In addition, we have 250 area food establishments that will benefit from the added marketing and hotel visitors.

For more information, contact the Town’s Economic Development Office at ed@burlington.org or 781-505-1186

Official Economic Development Press Release