Burlington Business Spotlight – Roots Yoga 

September 21, 2023

The practice and history of yoga can be traced back more than 5,000 years to its inception in India. Even then, the meditative benefits were known and written about in ancient sacred texts. Today, people across the globe understand the beneficial effects that yoga has on our health and happiness.

In this month’s Burlington Business Spotlight, we are taking a closer look at Roots Yoga on Cambridge Street in Burlington. This welcoming studio provides a needed escape for the many people who lead busy and hectic lives. This warm community is filled with engaging yoga teachers and students willing to connect with the mind and body benefits of yoga. 

Roots Yoga

The Story Behind the Name Roots Yoga

Founder and Owner of Roots Yoga, Ginger Boermeester, was born and raised in Burlington, Massachusetts. A former salesperson in the high-tech industry, Ginger found herself craving a work-life balance that many of us struggle with on a daily basis. As a yoga teacher on the side, she always dreamed of one day opening her own studio. When a location opened up in 2011 and she decided to take the leap, it made sense to do it here in Burlington. 

The name “Roots” not only pays homage to Ginger’s personal roots in the Burlington community, but it also comes from the first Chakra of yoga, Muladhara Chakra. This Chakra means center, grounding, or our sense of belonging that anchors us to our community and self. With this crossover of meanings, Roots Yoga was born. 

Roots Yoga

What Is Roots Yoga? 

Established in 2011, Roots Yoga offers group yoga classes including beginner-friendly classes, Flow & Stretch, Heated Yoga (at all levels), Yoga Pilates, Yoga By Candlelight and much more. The studio also offers special workshops such as meditation, Sound Baths and Meditation, and Yoga Nidra or Guided Sleep Meditation. 

Additionally, Roots Yoga also offers a “Roots on the Road” program for corporations as a part of their health and wellness campaigns and stress management programs. As a part of this program, an instructor for Roots Yoga travels to businesses and leads a weekly yoga class with interested employees. Currently, seven local businesses have taken advantage of this unique and beneficial programming. 

As if this was not enough, special workshops include Acupuncture, Sound Baths, and specialty workshops for beginners like the September class “Introduction to Yoga For Beginners.” Or to encourage children to find their balance they are offering a Kids Yoga Class that will also benefit the Burlington Food Pantry. Parents will also get in on the fun and receive a coupon for a complimentary coffee to True North on Saturday, October 28th. 

Roots Yoga is also a recognized Yoga Training Studio offering a RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teaching) course for 10 months where teachers are certified through the accredited Yoga Alliance. Looking to the future, Roots is planning to expand its training offerings by 100 hours and offer a RYT300. 

Roots YogaThe Uniqueness of Roots Yoga 

Roots Yoga is not your typical yoga studio. Yes, it offers standard yoga classes and has a wide variety of workshops and offerings, but it is not the classes, poses, or alignment that make this studio unique. 

Roots honors and holds true to the ancient traditions of Yoga and its philosophies. It incorporates these lessons and themes in each class with the reminder to use the lessons learned on the mats and apply them outside of the four walls of the studio. The studio offers more than just a mode of fitness; it offers a discipline and lifestyle that builds both physical strength and flexibility as well as a spiritual discipline that brings harmony between mind and body.

This focus on using what is learned in class in life is just one of the things that has made Roots Yoga so popular and recognized for its practices. In fact, the studio has been named one of the Top 11 Yoga Studios – Expertise Awards for the last three years running. This award, given by Expertise.com, honors the best local professionals in 200 industries. Additionally, Roots Yoga has also been named Best of Burlington over multiple years. 

Roots class members appreciate the class offerings and had this to say about Roots Yoga and the instructors. “In my experience, Roots is unique because there is a strong sense of cultivating well-being, belonging, and community roots.   All teachers are knowledgeable, humble and attentive to each student’s experience. Each class is well crafted and balanced for mind, body and soul.  Custom classes have choice music, incense, relaxing scented spritzes, meditation, sound bowls, affirmations,  hands-on adjustments, and sensible asanas and flow.  I always feel renewed. Roots cultivates well-being in myself and community.”-Maria Romanow

How Burlington Plays A Role 

In a recent interview with Ginger Boermeester, Founder and Owner of Roots Yoga, she pointed to the benefits of running a business in Burlington, Massachusetts. “We are located in the original downtown area of Burlington and our neighbors have been so supportive. Whenever we host an event, neighboring businesses, such as True North Community Cafe, Schoolhouse Ice Cream and Pizza Works, donate their products and contribute to the good vibe people get in Burlington. 

The collaboration in Burlington is amazing at supporting and making local businesses more visible whether that’s through the Burlington Buzz newsletter or events like the Bring Me To Burlington Beer Garden programs. 

Whether you are just a beginner looking to start your yoga journey to better health and wellness, or you’re more advanced in your practice, we encourage you to explore the offerings at Roots Yoga.