Burlington Business Spotlight – MOM’s Organic Market 

April 20, 2023

Join us in welcoming our spotlight this month, one of Burlington’s newest businesses – MOM’s Organic Market – located at 34 Cambridge Street. A welcome newcomer since February 2023 in the Burlington Crossroads shopping center, MOM’s can be found nestled between Panera Bread and Party City.

MOM’s Organic Market offers 100% organic produce, sustainable seafood, gluten-free and vegan products, wellness and body care, bulk spices, herbs, teas, and more! Organic and all-natural product lovers alike are thrilled at the addition of MOM’s as it is the 23rd location of this market in the country and the first Massachusetts (and New England) location.

MOM's Organic Market

MOM’s Organic Market History 

What originally started more than 35 years ago as a home delivery business out of Scott Nash’s garage has expanded across six states, in 23 locations. Throughout the Mid-Atlantic coast, including Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York, Mom’s Organic has spread its message of organic foods.

Protect & Restore

Not only is MOM’s unique in its offering of 100% organic offerings, but it also embraces a culture designed to Protect and restore the environment.

In fact, they have a list on their website of banned ingredients to be true to this mission. They state that they have “banned over 250 ingredients from our stores including artificial flavorings, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, hydrogenated oils, and more.” They evaluate every item sold before they are placed on the store shelves.

Recycle Options 

MOM’s Organic Market is committed to offering 100% organic products and also provides recycling for many products to protect our environment and keep things out of landfills. These items include cell phones, batteries, eyeglasses, shoes, and natural and synthetic cork. Additionally, there are seasonal recycling options for holiday lights and denim. Items like denim are recycled into thermal and acoustic insulation.

Burlington Plays a Role

Joe Hurley, Regional Store Manager for MOM’s Organic Market, explains that Burlington, Massachusetts has been a great move for the market. Not only are consumers friendly and informed about the types of products they are seeking, but they also have been pivotal in spreading the word about their favorite products to friends and online.

Hurley also explains that Burlington is perfectly situated near Boston and has neighboring towns such as Woburn, Wilmington, and Waltham with large populations looking for organic options. Add to this the proximity of the major highways and Burlington could not be a better fit!

Stay tuned for another Mom’s Organic Market to be opening up this coming fall in Natick, Massachusetts. Thank you to Mom’s Organic Market for choosing “Boston’s Best Neighbor” – Burlington – as their new home.