Burlington Business Spotlight: AnnaCalisa Boutique

January 24, 2023

Our Burlington Business Spotlight today is: AnnaCalisa Boutique!

Located right in the Burlington Mall at 75 Middlesex Turnpike, AnnaCalisa opened in September 2022. Through their curated boutique, AnnaCalisa supports other women-owned businesses through stocking their small-batch, handmade, or U.S. designed gifts and clothes.

How It Began

At the start of the pandemic, many of us were left unsure of what to expect and what would happen next for many of us. When the CDC recommended wearing masks, the small supply on shelves vanished overnight. In an attempt to stop the spread many were advised to take up sewing and make their own masks out of old t-shirts or other available fabric like cotton.

Den Bisema in March 2020 saw a growing need for better masks for her local community and beyond. As the mother of two daughters, toddler sized masks were practically non-existent. During that time, many masks were being produced with rougher fabrics that would irritate the sensitive skin of her daughters. Bisema had been sewing since she was 8 years old and had enhanced her skills with classes, certifications, and large projects.

After creating 3-D, well-structured masks in 6 sizes made of super soft milk-silk fabrics, the project expanded for Bisema. From a donation project to a hobby, the creation of the masks and the need to provide clothes to her growing children sparked another idea: AnnaCalisa Boutique.


AnnaCalisa Boutique Opens

Den Bisema knew she wanted to pursue her dream of owning a business and found opportunities through the Launch Your Business Now Program with Middlesex Community College, Popping Upnext, Wayside, and Burlington Mall. Bisema continued to grow and combine her skills from across industries to open the boutique AnnaCalisa, LLC in September 2022 right here in Burlington!

A combination of her daughters’ names, AnnaCalisa is a boutique supporting women-owned, small-batch, handmade or designed works from the community and beyond. AnnaCalisa also serves as a spot for workshops such as the upcoming Valentine’s Day Make & Take Craft event for kids on February 12th from 4 to 6 pm. Tickets are $10 and all proceeds will be donated to HelpIs, a local nonprofit organization! 


Burlington Plays a Part

Burlington has been a huge help for AnnaCalisa since the beginning. The Burlington Chamber of Commerce “has been very supportive to help small businesses/startups in the area by giving them opportunities that would potentially not exist without their help,” said Bisema.

In addition to many members of their staff residing in and around Burlington, the boutique ‘s brick and mortar store is located in Burlington Mall. As a prime location for locals and visitors alike, the Burlington Mall attracts shoppers across the area. 

While Bisema appreciates the support of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, she does hope that the town of Burlington will offer additional grants for small business owners. Still, she has succeeded in seeing her dreams come true in the business of AnnaCalisa. “Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and experiencing this entrepreneur journey for my kids.”

Over the next 20 years, Bisema wants to see her business grow and build more partnerships with various business owners across the Boston Metropolitan area. “I would like to be able to continue to offer a space for the community to come together to connect, create, socialize, and make a difference together. I hope to see that more towns support local entrepreneurs and help make the business sustainable,” said Bisema. 


Also, the Burlington Mall has approved AnnaCalisa Boutique to host private instore upcoming events such as: offering private craft events for birthdays and doing weekly story times for stay at home moms needing a place for their babies to socialize. Follow @annacalisa_llc on Instagram or AnnaCalisa, LLC on Facebook for updates on upcoming events. 

Thank you to Den Bisema for choosing Burlington for the home of such a beautiful business named after her two daughters. For all those interested, please visit https://www.annacalisa.com/ and join their VIP club to stay connected.