5 Benefits of Opening Your Business In Burlington, MA

May 17, 2022

Relocating or opening a business can seem like a daunting task. There’s just so much to consider, especially when it comes to choosing a location or developing a property. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a startup, or a local shop, there are some key benefits to opening your business in Burlington. Continue reading to explore just a few of the many advantages that businesses in Burlington have from the start.

1. Burlington is a buzzing industrial hub

Interior of MilleporeSigma in Burlington, Massachusetts


When you open a business in Burlington, you’re joining a professional hub of innovative organizations across diverse industries. Our town has cultivated an excellent professional environment for those in the fields of life sciences, additive manufacturing, healthcare, technology, and medical device creation.

These industries draw professionals and out-of-state visitors to our town. So if you are opening a restaurant, cafe, or local shop, you can reap the benefits of operating in a well-trafficked hub. This means more potential customers on a regular basis.

2. Burlington is Boston’s best neighbor

Burlington is known to many as “Boston’s Best Neighbor.” And it’s easy to see why. Those coming from or going to Boston can make the trip in under 30 minutes. This means that your company can receive all the benefits of operating in the big city while retaining a small-town feel in a spacious, business-friendly environment.

3. Burlington is a simple commute

man driving a car

In addition to being Boston’s best neighbor, Burlington’s central location makes it a much more convenient commute than the big city. In addition to its proximity to Boston, Burlington is only about 30 minutes away from the New Hampshire border. And since our town is right off of I-95 and Route 128, getting here can be a breeze. In the world of hybrid work models, convenience is key.

4. Burlington expands recruitment opportunities

Opening a business in Burlington also helps expand your recruitment opportunities. Building upon and taking advantage of Burlington’s prime location is key to recruiting top talent in your industry.

Burlington is nestled right next to the best educational institutions in the world. This includes renowned universities, such as Harvard, Boston College, Bentley College, Tufts University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These institutions breed the next generation of leaders in each of their respective fields, all at your doorstep.

Additionally, Burlington resides in a metropolitan area with a labor force of over 2.6 million workers. These are experienced workers in a variety of industries that might just be looking to switch careers in the near future. Why not bring them to Burlington?

5. Burlington supports businesses and allows space to grow

district avenue building development

The town of Burlington does everything it can to ethically and safely streamline property development and expansion. This provides incoming and current businesses with space to grow and expand. The Town Planning Board and Economic Development Office often work closely with incoming businesses of all sizes to help them find a location suitable for their needs. 

Burlington has also earned a platinum rating for MassBio in the field of Life Sciences, the organization’s highest rating. This means that Burlington has “adopted local policies that greatly ease the pathway for renovation or new construction of biotech laboratory and manufacturing facilities.” 

The town also works diligently to develop zoning laws conducive to business development and opportunities. For example, Burlington has recently approved new zoning and permitting to extend and expand outdoor seating options for local restaurants and cafes. In another recent example, the town introduced a key set of innovative zoning use by-laws to pave the way for more creative and experiential retail experiences. Burlington understands the needs of post-pandemic businesses and is willing to meet them.

These examples and the reasons listed above illustrate what makes Burlington such a special place to develop, open, and run your business.